Picturing PDHS



Take a look at these pics taken around my school!!! :)


1. Jump up and down singing in a foreign language.

2. Tie socks on your arms and put on a bright orange jacket and run around through the downtown area of your town waving your arms around and screaming “walrus walrus walrus cabbage” 125 times.

3. Smile at everyone and when they talk to you just smile even bigger and stare off into the distance.

4. Dress up like a freak and put on a neon safety vest and ride your bike around saying “HI!!!” and wave at random strangers, especially old ladies.

5. Go to a fancy restaurant and order spaghetti and eat it with your feet.

6. Make up your own language that no one will understand and run around insulting people and laughing at them.

7. When your teacher asks a question raise your hand and say “to find the square root of an artichoke you must multiply the monkey pants with the fried hippopotamus and then add lumpy goat chunks subtracted by the fish head with cows eyeballs taste yummy yummy with salted donkeys and chickens eyelashes. Then sprinkle the remains with unicorn tears.” Do this while standing on your desk.